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Marie LeBaron Creative Flow Life

Welcome to Creative Flow Life

Hi, I’m Marie LeBaron, a certified transformational life coach who works with clients in 1-1 coaching sessions and group creative workshops.

Sparking Your Creative Soul

My Coaching Intentions:

To help inspire and empower our community by sharing my passion for DI-WHY. How we can all use creativity to fuel our fire and forward our life. And through creative and meaningful gatherings, we can dig a little deeper into our true desires and intentions, helping us live a more joyful life. Not to simply survive, but to thrive!

I commit myself to expanding and growing more fully… taking time to gather, create, laugh, love, belong, & connect ❤️

Creative Vision Board

What I offer this creative flow community:

  • I’m genuinely curious about people and what they want out of life. I want to help expose that and help move it forward!
  • I have an incredible ability to hold space for others to shine. And I create a fullness in people’s abilities to be their true self.
  • I’ve done this work myself and I want that for others, to feel fully expressed and have the satisfaction and fulfillment they deserve in life. Because in the end it’s only going to help us all, the whole world will shine a little brighter🌟
  • I’m a great listener, leaning into the story behind the story, sharing helpful insight and asking clarifying questions about what’s up for you! It all comes from YOUR own knowing, I’m there to help YOU draw it out.
  • I am ready to show up. Here with an open mind and a trusting heart to do the work. Whatever it is necessary to help us all expand who we are.
  • A guarantee to continue my own personal and professional work, to keep showing up as I push through my own vulnerabilities.



Have questions or just want to say hi? Surprisingly I love emails! Visit my contact page or send an email to