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Am I Creative?

Am I creative?

Am I Creative?

Sometimes it’s hard for me to be creative. And I’ve been a very creative person since childhood. But over the years I have found times when either I think I just don’t have any creativity in me or I just can’t seem find it. That it’s lost. And I get stuck in that limiting belief. But then I have to ask myself, is this true? The reality is creativity is there, within me, it’s part of who I am in my core. So it doesn’t go away forever. Maybe it’s dimmed, and I just need to spark the flame and fuel the fire.

When I feel this way about creativity, that I don’t have it, I know it’s a sign that something bigger is going on. It usually means I have a block or a hurdle I need to get past. Something is in my way and I need to breakthrough. Usually it’s an emotion or feeling, maybe a life experience, and in order to move on through and spark that creativity, I’ve gotta do some work to get back in my creative flow. It’s hard to face it and do the work, but necessary and so worth it to get to the other side

Common Creative Myths

Raise your hand up high if you’ve ever heard yourself, or someone you know, say something like the following 🙌⠀

1️⃣I Don’t Have A Creative Bone In My Body⠀
2️⃣Am I Doing It Right?⠀
3️⃣Anyone Else Could Do This Better⠀
4️⃣I Don’t Have The Right Supplies Or Skills⠀
5️⃣That Idea Has Already Been Done⠀
6️⃣I Could Never Do That⠀

Common Creative Myths

Yep, we’ve all been there. Me included. Those nasty little negativities creep in and set up shop. Negative words and emotions like doubt, jealousy, worthiness, comparison, envy, fear, and frustration. As I’ve been exploring my current thoughts and feelings about creativity, I’m now ready to push those myths aside and own my creative self. And have fun along the way!⠀

We are all creative. We just are. There’s no dispute. No debating this. It just is. Our level of creative depth could be different from one another, especially in one area over another, but we all create✨ Yes, you could be in a creative block, you might be feeling stagnant, you may be taking a break, or you might be buying in to a few creative myths. But you MUST say this with me… “I am creative”💕⠀

To help nurture my creative self, I LOVE to visit inspiring places. They are like little mini-vacays. And I go by myself, an “artist date”(@juliacameronlive) A creative day out to explore and it’s such a treat. I sometimes wonder if I can allow myself to have this time, but I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION. And you can too🙌⠀

So head out to the library, your local craft store, or an outdoor adventure to get your creative inspiration flowing!

Are you in that place right now? Of needing someone to hold space for you and help you find your flow? Maybe within your personal or professional life? I’d love to be your life coach and help you find your unique creative flow. Work with me and together we’ll get you into the flow, ready to make it happen and do the work! Message me today and let’s set it up!

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