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Becoming More Curiously Creative

Open to Creativity

What does creativity mean to you? How does it show up in your life? ⠀

I’m finding it’s essential to how I live mine. To grow, learn, move, and thrive as a human being, I must be in a creative space, a creative state — mind-body-soul 🧘 So I’m becoming even more curious than I’ve ever been about my creativity. Allowing exploration and discovery, being in that place of wonder✨ Not giving space for worry, fear, or doubt to get in. And if I start to go to those negative places, I immediately know what I’m creating must come out! ⠀

Creatively Curious

FLOW, which is my word for this year, is at the heart of curiosity. I am becoming more and more curious, about everything really, and I want to keep flowing in that space. Going where my thoughts wander, exploring something new. Seeing what’s fun and electric, discovering what really brings me joy. Bringing me to that point in my creativity where I get lost, when I’m in that creative zen. And because I’ve labeled myself a Creative Dabbler, I’m going to be curious about everything. If there’s something I’m interested in or something I want to try I’ve never done, I’m going to do it! This is the time. Test, try, be curious. Why not?

Define Curious

What are you up to with creativity in your life? What are you working towards? What creative ideas have you had recently, big or small? What do you love to do that gets you to the point of being lost in that creative space?

Doesn’t matter what you do with it as long as you…

Give Yourself Permission To Be Creative!

Maybe creativity workshops, buying and collecting craft supplies, or traveling to some place that gives you creative inspiration! Whatever you’d need to get you going and be your badass creative self!⠀

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