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In Need of a Chopstick

Aloe Vera Plant

In Need of a Chopstick

Sometimes we need a little help, someone to get our back, somethin’ to hold us up straight. Just like my aloe vera needed a chopstick 🥢 Sometimes part of us gets heavy and starts to fall, almost to point of bending too far out of place that we break. So we get help, a little assistance from someone who can hold space for us. And we start to heal and get stronger and then we can hold ourselves up high once again all on our own ✨

I’ve needed a chopstick too. Sometimes I still do. It comes in the form of family, friends, therapists, and life coaches. For a little while they hold me up, help me when I’m starting to bend. So I can heal and start to hold myself up high once again. And with this new acceptance of help and assistance, I realize it’s ok to be vulnerable, to need a chopstick, because it’s only made me stronger 🙏

Do you need some chopsticks? Someone to hold you up for a little while? I could be that person for you for a moment or two, or three! If you’re finding yourself in that space of need, and you’re ready to open up and be vulnerable for a little while, please let me know. Reach out in the comments, visit my contact page, or simply send me an email (…  I really love emails! And cheers to you for knowing when you need help and allowing this in your life. Bravo!

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