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So Many Directions

Which direction

Building a brand new business is SCARY AS HELL. I could literally take this new biz of mine in so many directions, I am finding myself floundering and a bit lost. Fear swoops in offering unsurety and doubt, keeping me in a holding pattern 😟 But thanks to my coach who offered me the space to talk it out and work through where my excitement is with my creative flow, where things start to light up and align, my path is getting more and more clear✨ ⠀⠀
So as I dip my toes into that vulnerable space of not having all the answers, I realize any direction I pick is the right one 🗺️ Because whatever happens on my road ahead, it’s meant to be and it’s going to be extraordinary. So I have to put fear in it’s place and go forward with full force 🌟

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