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Start With What You Know

Start with what you know to flow and grow

Start With What You Know

As you might know, I also write a creative blog over at Make and Takes. I recently wrote a blog post all about expanding our creativity when we get stuck! I talk about how we can make a list of all the things we know already how to do, those creative ideas we’ve learned and can “do in our sleep”. I talk about putting a star next to the ones we love, and then drilling down a little further on the list and circling the 1-2 that we want to learn more about. Hopefully this allows us to expand ourselves even further for more growth and innovation.

But sometimes we’re stuck on even getting started. What will we write down on this list? We draw a blank. It can be hard to determine what it is we DO know.

Maybe we’ve forgotten what we’ve learned before. Or maybe someone told us once we weren’t good at this or that and we lost the thing we once knew. Maybe we let it go or buried it down deep. Maybe it’s in a box and we put that box in storage, probably underneath a whole lot of other boxes in storage. Is this you? Have you felt this way? I have. I was told one thing, then grew up to learn other new things, and my limiting beliefs expanded, actually they exploded. Whoa. So now what? Maybe we start to clean out the storage unit and come across this box we buried down below. It’s here now, we found it and pulled it out. And we open it up. We take a look inside and see with new eyes what we once were. We have a moment of sadness, of grief, at who that person was and what they were doing or what they were told. But maybe with our new knowing, it sparks something exciting inside of us, that candle is ready for a new flame. So we carry that box to our car, we bring it in the house, and we pull everything out that was inside. It’s now part of us again, but probably in a whole new way. We start again, remembering what we knew. It’s time to take it back. Reclaim what’s ours! So we make that list of things we loved and don’t hold back when writing them all down. And they are probably going to be more amazing with our new lenses on, our new way of thinking and creating. And we are in the flow, ready to grow!

I mostly talk about creativity, as this is my background, but this could be about anything in life. Are you in the medical field or the financial world? Maybe you’re a health nut or a food fiend and want to expand more on your healthy lifestyle. Whatever your background, make a list of what you know. It’s a great place to start when you find yourself stuck. Then you can get into the flow and figure out what it is you want to grow!

Start With What You Know List

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